Putting The Chardonnay To Bed for the Winter

After 3 days of letting the pressed Chardonnay juice settle under refrigeration we racked off a little under 10 gallons for freezing.

A little concerned about oxidation. We added 50 ppm is So2 AFTER racking. We probably needed to do this immediately after pressing. We will have to see how it turns out next Spring when we thaw, ferment and rack 2-3 more times.

Pinot Noir Harvest 2021

Today we picked our Pinot Noir. The amount of must is considerably less than that of our 25 vines of Chardonnay. Most of each vine of Pinot had raisins. We have about 135 lbs of fruit before picking out the raisins before crushing – getting a reading of brixº, pH and TA and adding some so2 and freezing until next Spring.

Despite a crop with a lot of raisin, we have good numbers on our Pinot. Brix 24.5º, pH 3.64, TA 6.8. We added 50 ppm sO2 to help prevent spoilage organisms and oxidation and we put it in the freezer till next Spring. We have 12 gallons of must which should produce about 5 gallons .. or maybe more of wine.

Harvest Day Chardonnay

We harvested our Chardonnay today. The weather was beautiful. We’ve both been down with COVID19 for a couple of weeks. We May have to name this wine “Breakthrough Chardonnay”

Harvest is alway great fun. It’s so rewarding to fill up the buckets with the fruits of your labors.

Brix 23. All mold and mildew were kept under control this year thanks to Ron’s spraying efforts. Hopefully we will produce a nice batch next Spring.

We’re getting close…

Just returned from a few days camping. Our 25 vines of Chardonnay is registering between 14 and 18° brix. Our Pinot Noir is between 16 and 24° brix. Everything taste like sugar. Hip hip hooray!