Powdery Mildew 2022

Not again! We have late season signs of powdery mildew. Mostly in our Chardonnay. Some of the fruit seems to taste OK but there are some damaged clusters and vines with damage.

While we had been spraying 3 types of fungicides on a rotational basis we may have stopped too soon.

The link to a walkthrough of the entire vineyard youtube.com/watch

Low Brix ~ Hoping for a Long Late Summer

Did a brix test in the field today. The Chardonnay is a disappointing 5-8º on Sept 6! The Pinot Noir is around 10-14º. Without another 2 weeks of warm weather we may be in a situation where we will have to pick and chaptilize (add sugar).

When The Cat’s Away …

Just returned from a week away to find a little sign of Powdery Mildew on some of the leaves. Fruit set is complete and verasion has begun on the Pinot Noir already.

Our plan of action is to spray with Liquid-Cop fungicide (not sulphur) to keep the leaves from getting worse if we can. At this point we can only hope the grapes won’t be adversely affected.

As for the fruit this year. Everything looks healthy but behind schedule from last year. The Chardonnay berries are still smaller and lack any sweetness.

The Pinot is 1/3 of the way into verasion and some of the red berries taste like 12º brix although we haven’t taken a refractometer to it yet.


Both our wines were racked today to get it off any remaining lees and oak chips. MLF was started but we think there is a possibility that it did not take or has not stalled. Why do we think this? We are not seeing much in the way of oxygen bubbles passing through the airlocks on the carboys. Testing for MLF completion is an arduous task and we aren’t bottling so it’s not imperative that we know where it stands of the percentage of completion right now.

We did read about a new procedure today we hadn’t seen before; Purging the air from a new carboy vs filling with wine and just adding inert gas on top. It’s incredible to see how sticking a flame into the gas immediately extinguishes the flame.

Deer Fencing Pays Off

Caught red handed! We haven’t seen many deer this year. Our neighborhood has filled in most of the lots and since we don’t back up to green space they seldom come through.

Cute little buck caught a whiff of grapevines and thought he might have a snack after he had a drink from our pond.