Spring 2020 Way Past Bud Break ~

We just returned from our winter and COVID19 quarantine in Arizona. We popped in mid April before bud break and returned a few days ago close to Memorial Day weekend.

The vineyard looks beautiful. Foliage on all the vines. We pulled suckers off on the canes and below the cordons today during our first long look.

Next up we will trim the growth along the cordon back to about a fist apart to ensure we have all the energy of the plants working to nurture the grapes with proper sunlight and airflow.

We also need to to use a fungicide like Thiolux to prevent the powdery mildew we got last year on a few of the Chardonnay. We would have done this sooner but COVID19 had us quarantined in Arizona.

Row A Chardonnay
Row B Chardonnay
Row C Chardonnay
Row D Chardonnay
Row E Chardonnay
Row F Chardonnay
Row G Chardonnay
Row H Chardonnay
Row I Pinot Noir/Chardonnay
Row J Pinot Noir
Row K Pinot Noir
A view from the top
An extra Pinot Noir for decoration

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