2021 Dormant Pruning

Needless to say when we planted this Vineyard Project we never expected to be splitting our time between two homes. Any winemaker professional or backyard enthusiast will tell you that growing and producing wine is a year-round venture.

Nevertheless here we are. It’s early spring at 47° 39’ and were back to give the vineyard a very important haircut. Spur pruning while the vines are still dormant to get rid of the year old “wood” from last year.

From Silver Oak Cellars who can explain it better than I can, “Spur-pruned vines have the look you might expect from grapevines. They are cordon-trained, meaning they have that classic “T” shape you see when driving by a dormant vineyard. All the wood that makes up the “T” is old wood that has been trained over many years into that shape. Those horizontal arms are called “cordons,” on which are spaced vertical spurs every six inches or so (approximately a hand-width). It is from those spurs that we get new vine growth each season.”

Spur Pruning

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