Only Murders in the Vineyard

We may have mentioned this before; but we HATE this part of the vineyard maintenance. It’s July 2nd. What we thought was pruned to 2 buds per spur and each spur being approximately a hands width apart – turns out to be 3-8 buds per spur and some of our spurs are more crowded than a hand apart.

It’s a JUNGLE out there. Baby fruit set everywhere and we have the miserable but necessary task of cutting the shoots off that should not be there, MANY of which are bearing fruit and have strong healthy shoots. If only the Supreme Court would step in and tell us it’s unconstitutional. (Sorry … bad timely pun intended)

We read about it. We watch videos on how to do it, but it’s never that easy. Once the vines start growing vigorously, entangling with the trellis wires and with other plants it’s nearly impossible to separate them and choose who lives and who dies.

Here’s the aftermath of today.

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