Let The Sun Shine In

So today another arduous task of shoot thinning and pulling leaves. All the fruit is set and nearly done flowering. In order for the next phase to take place we need to let in sufficient sun and airflow.

Did we mention these vines grow like weeds? Even though we pruned to 1 to 2 spurs every hands’ width apart; these vines take on a life of their own and want to grow in every direction despite your best efforts to train them.

The best method would probably be to walk the vineyard daily or at least every other day during the growing season, especially early on. Tasks never get any easier when you let things pile up!

Today we mostly pulled shoots that had no fruit production or very little as well as any lower leafage where the fruits will drop as they ripen and get heavier. Spackled sunlight for any fruit on the vine is the goal.

Found this guy on a leaf today. Not sure what it is. No sign of damage.

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