A Pressing Engagement

Primary fermentation – complete! Today we took our entire 2021 batch of Pinot Noir from the fermenter and put it into the press. After pouring all of into our Blickmann WineEasy press, we pulled the lever and let it flow.

What flows out without any pressure from the press is referred to as “free run”. It is the creme de la creme of any batch of wine as it runs free and isn’t squeezed over the skins and seed of the must which will impart a bit of green and/or tannic flavors.

We ended up with 5 full gallons of free run and about 2.5 gallons of pressed Pinot Noir. It will rest for 24-48 hours topped with Argon gas and then we will rack it off the gross lees and start malolactic fermentation.

High speed cellar action!

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