Late Spring – More Shoot Thinning and Wire Training

It’s June 8th. Our efforts to prevent any fungus from developing is paying off so far.

Chardonnay report: Very good vigor 4 – 10 clusters per vine average. Clusters measure approximately 1-2” in length.

Chardonnay 6-8-21

Pinot Noir Report: Medium – Good Vigor (much better than last year) 4 – 6 clusters per vine averaging in size at approximately 1 – 1 1/2” in length.

Pinot Noir 6-8-21

Take a walk through the vineyard with us.

A Walk in the Vineyard 4 years old

Spring Chores

It‘s mid May 2021. Our dormant pruning efforts in early March paid off. At the first sign of bud break in May we returned to Liberty Lake to begin our Spring maintenance.

Last year we waited to spray fungicides until we visibility saw damage. This year we are spraying before the spores appear.

First fungicide application was copper based.

A week later we (Ron) sprayed with Sulfur. In this photo you can see we also Captan which we may use in a third rotation.

Here‘s a glimpse of what‘s going on in the vineyard right now. Everything has leafed out and fruit set has begun … if not has been completed (unsure). In an effort to get better fruit we trimmed the vineyard of all the shoots growing downward or laterally or those addition off shoots that try to produce fruit. It‘s the hardest part emotionally to do. Some choices are obvious, while others are painful – We hate thinning out clusters. We removed almost 2 full buckets of shoots with probably over 100 grape clusters.