Start of Verasion

It’s August in the Inland Northwest. What is sadly becoming the norm are smokey skies and now long hot summers. Most people live here because we don’t have triple digit weather. 2021 has been the hottest summer ever recorded.

Our grapes needed some watering during these hot days to keep the tendrils reaching out and the leaves from burning.

Chardonnay is starting to swell and some of the Pinot Noir have begun verasion

An Evening Stroll Through The Vineyard

Tonight we took a walk through to see how our efforts to shoot and leaf thin on Monday paid off 5 days later. Things are looking pretty good. No sign of pests – clusters are looking healthy and medium vigor on most of our vines.

Pinot Noir July 8, 2021
This is our “decoration” Pinot Noir vine!