Vintage 2022

It’s bud break in Liberty Lake WA. A bit later than last year but everything looks healthy. We need to wait until the leaves get a little bigger before applying our first anti-fungal treatment of the year. Right now we are concentrating on weeding and checking on the strength of the trellising.

In a few weeks .. after we hit the books for a refresher and get some winemaking supplies we will thaw out last years harvest and begin the fermentation and processing of our frozen must that has been patiently waiting our return.

An Evening Stroll Through The Vineyard

Tonight we took a walk through to see how our efforts to shoot and leaf thin on Monday paid off 5 days later. Things are looking pretty good. No sign of pests – clusters are looking healthy and medium vigor on most of our vines.

Pinot Noir July 8, 2021
This is our “decoration” Pinot Noir vine!

Late Spring – More Shoot Thinning and Wire Training

It’s June 8th. Our efforts to prevent any fungus from developing is paying off so far.

Chardonnay report: Very good vigor 4 – 10 clusters per vine average. Clusters measure approximately 1-2” in length.

Chardonnay 6-8-21

Pinot Noir Report: Medium – Good Vigor (much better than last year) 4 – 6 clusters per vine averaging in size at approximately 1 – 1 1/2” in length.

Pinot Noir 6-8-21

Take a walk through the vineyard with us.

A Walk in the Vineyard 4 years old